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Designer  / Illustrator

Offer the best choices for food lovers.

The "Wind Lion God" is a unique local faith and legend. All of them were built with the belief to block the dusty wind and also have become must-see local scenery in Kinman.

I created a cute version of Wind Lion God as an app mascot. This vivid and vigorous character introduces the famous spots for travelers and food obsession.



May-Aug, 2017



UX/UI Designer


Department of Tourism Kinmen University


Mascot Design

User Flow

User Interface Design


Collect good spots & Review system

Cater food into different classifications.

Introduce local foods through the bright, encouraged UI and food images to tickle your buds.

Travelers can refer to those reviews and dining briefs to visit the spot.

{ Wireflow }

High fidelity for the purposes of communicating detailed design specifications, they are just as useful as lower-fidelity documents to discuss and communicate interaction design and user workflows.

{ UI Design }

It was a special educational cooperation program to collaborate with Kinmen University, and we kept communicating closely with each other. Students were sometimes as users, and we could collect feedback from them. Sometimes as learners/developers, so we had to deliver the document clearly so they could code.

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