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User Experience Design

A custom-made bakery e-commerce app

HomeBaker is a unique E-commerce app for bakery products, catering to online buyers. It provides a diverse range of bakery items, targeting customers who enjoy baking at home for their families, ensuring delightful and nutritious desserts.

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Nov. 2022 - May. 2023


UX Designer




User experience research

Solutions-based design

User interface



The baking journey feels quite intimidating and seems time-consuming. With various ingredients and tools, they are uncertain about where to begin. 


  • Time Saving - Offer a clean interface and guidance flow, saving time spent searching.

  • Recommend - A better understanding of products that suit for each customer.

  • Baking Knowledge  Provide value to our goods through visual content and instructional videos.

Understanding the Users

I conducted the user interview with 8 bakers to gain insight into their passion and pain points.

{ Pain Points }



Specific products sometimes missing, so uses substitutes, but this results in unpredictable results.



Unable to finish ingredients and they are difficult to keep fresh.



Lack of confidence to prepare food at home, or don’t know how to cook a dish without a recipe.



Working adults are too busy to spend time on meal prep.


Users thoroughly enjoy the baking process, but they often feel uncomfortable when dealing with unfamiliar ingredients or recipes for the first time. Additionally, many people find it challenging to allocate time for shopping or baking.

{ Personas }

Created by conducting user research and identifying common pain points, which are UX issues that frustrate and block the user from getting what they need from a product.

Problem Statement

Molly is a busy marketing intern, who needs a more effective way to buy ingredients at one time because some products usually out of stock, it isn’t good use of her time.

Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 22.12.11.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 22.35.06.png

Problem Statement

Dean is a tech manager but also an amateur investor who needs to buy pack products or semi-finished foods in an easier way because He doesn’t like waste of his time to cook or decide what to eat.

{ User Journey Map }

Starting the Design

{ Digital Wireframes }

Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 16.53.17.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 19.39.11.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 19.41.27.png

{ Low-fi screen flow }

Screen Shot 2023-08-06 at 01.07.22.png

{ Low-fidelity prototype }


Task 1: Pick one type of flour and add it to the cart. ​

Task 2: Select all the items in the cart and continue the checkout process.

Task 3: Choose a payment and shipping method, then continue to the next page.

Task 4: Confirm the order to complete the checkout process.

Task 5: How did you feel about the HomeBaker app overall?  What did you like and dislike about it?

{ Affinity Map }

HomeBaker - Affinity Map 2 (2).png

{ Usability study: findings }

Insight 1: Some buttons serve different purposes, but their meanings are similar, causing confusion for users.

Insight 2: Users want suggestions or better cues to assist them in making item choices.

Insight 3: Users often overlook certain information, particularly when it is complex.

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 12.03.09.png

Refining the Design

{ Mockups }

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 10.30.20.png
Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 1 - Case study slide deck [Template] (8).

{ Final Design }

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 19.17.30.png

{ Hi-fi screen flow }

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 18.25.43.png

Going Forward

{ Next Steps }

Create for other pages. In addition, add more details like motion and interaction settings to make this app more practical and easy to use.

Conduct another round of usability studies to validate whether the pain points users experienced have been effectively addressed.

Conduct further user research to identify potential new areas of need. This could involve interviewing bakery shop owners to gather their perspectives and insights.

{ Takeaways }


The app makes clear that it cares about fulfilling user needs.

The quote from users‘ feedback:
“It was very intuitive and straightforward without taking me on unnecessary detours.  I would absolutely use this app to purchase my daily ingredients.”


While designing the HomeBaker app, I learned that the first ideas might not be the best ones.  Usability studies and peer feedback influenced each iteration of the design choices so I could make the right design choice to improve the product.

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